What counts as an API call?

Diffbot pricing is based on the number of individual web pages extracted by our Automatic or Custom APIs. Each time you send a URL to a Diffbot API it counts as an API call. Repeated pages are counted as additional API calls.

Analyze API Requests

Pages sent to the Analyze API count as a single API call, even if the submitted link results in an article, product, discussion or other page-type extraction. (There is no double-charge for extracted pages.)

Multiple-Page Articles, Discussions or Custom APIs

If an article or discussion includes multiple concatenated pages — read more about page-concatenation — each individual page will count as a separate API call.

Crawlbot API, Bulk API and the Search API

Individual URLs sent via the Bulk API count as individual API calls. E.g., a bulk job containing 500 URLs will incur 500 API calls.

There is no charge for use of Crawlbot or our Bulk API; calls to those APIs are not charged. Within a crawl, pages that are merely crawled for links are not counted as API calls. Any pages processed within a crawl count as API calls. (Read about the difference between “crawled” and “processed” pages.)

Search API requests for download of individual crawl or bulk job data are not charged.

Proxy Usage

Calls that require use of Diffbot proxy servers will bill at a rate of 2x; that is, each page processed using a proxy will count as two API calls.

Error Responses

Requests that result in a Diffbot error response are not billed or counted as API calls.