What does “all crawling temporarily paused by root administrator…” mean?

On occasion, during both regular (and irregular) maintenance phases, Crawlbot and Bulk Processing operations will be temporarily paused by Diffbot administrators.

If this occurs, your jobs’ status will display the following message:

"jobStatus": {
    "status": 8,
    "message": "All crawling temporarily paused by root administrator for maintenance."

This is a proactive measure to ensure data is not compromised or corrupted during the maintenance phase. Once the maintenance is complete (typically a few moments to a few minutes), crawling operations will resume automatically. This means:

  • Crawls or bulk jobs that were in progress will resume immediately.
  • Scheduled recurring crawls will continue on their same schedule.
  • Recurring crawls scheduled to resume during a maintenance phase will start a new round immediately.
  • Jobs created during the maintenance phase will begin.