Error Downloading URL Error

Error message: Error downloading URL

This error means the website is either down or successfully blocking Diffbot’s servers.

To check which case we’re dealing with, please try to process it with a regular API call first. Copy this to your browser’s URL bar and replace TOKEN with your token, ENCODED_URL with encoded URL to test one (encode it here) and APINAME with the desired API (with products it’s “product”, with articles it’s “article”, etc.).

If the request is successful, then the page is back up and should work. If it fails, but it opens in your browser normally, then they are blocking Diffbot.

In the case of a block, please try to apply proxies by adding &proxy to the request:

If this works, in your crawl / bulk settings, flip the switch that says “Use Proxies” and try again. This should make things work. Please note that proxy calls count as double calls.